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Cirépil accessories help make every wax service a success, not only during application but for clean up also.

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Cirépil  Accessories

Pre & Post Care and Accessories

The use of Cirépil pre and post  care products is essential to ensure a successful and relaxing service.

Each Perron Rigot product offered is formulated with its own special properties. Choose products to cleanse, condition, hydrate, as well as reduce hair growth and prevent ingrown hairs.

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Depilatory  Collection

Cirépil  Strip Wax Collection

Cirépil  Pre & Post Care

Cirépil  Non Strip Wax Collection


Cirépil No-Strip waxes are ideal for the most sensitive parts of the body and on all body areas.

Applied  in ultra-thin layers and removed without strips. Cirépil Non-Strip waxes are available in a variety of textures and are formulated to provide exceptional depilatory results.

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  • Antiseptic Blue Lotion
  • Pre Depilatory Jamin Oil
  • Pre Wax Cooling Gel
  • After wax Refreshing Gel
  • Protective Collar Rings
  • Strips
  • Spatula
  • Empty Tn

Perfect for use on large areas of the body: legs, arms, back and chest.

Cirépil strip waxes are easy to use, easy to choose and cost effective. Strip waxes are available in a variety of textures, formulas, and fragrances.

Apply at body temperature and remove with  non-woven strips.

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